Friday, April 19, 2013

cherish your bread

The first bread after a long break is like the first crepe - you don't really want to show it to anyone, you just eat it as fast as you can and pretend it was never there. Now, the second bread, remembering the disaster from the day before, the second one you want to treat as good as you can, it's so pretty, it grew so nicely, the crust is so crispy...

My second bread this year was, as usual, spelt on rye, this time with some pumpkin seeds. I baked it in the morning and without really waiting for it to cool down, made breakfast with it.

I went with fresh spinach (which I only rinsed in boiling water), put two loafs of warm bread on top, then a slice of bacon and sprinkled it generously with some grated gruyere (with a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg). I grilled it until the cheese melted (about 3 minutes), put a poached egg on top, a pinch of salt here and there, some freshly ground pepper and voila.

It took much less time than I thought it would and also it was more than enough for breakfast, more like a lunch serving for me, actually. And it was really, really great.